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Message from our President

I would like to encourage you to consider our very special company. Even though we enjoy the sales of a larger corporation, we act as a small company with a very flat organizational structure where everyone is considered a valuable contributor. At Western, “everyone knows your name.”

As our operations clearly demonstrate, we are on the leading edge of technology and more than ever are working to automate our plants to allow every employee to grow and contribute at a higher level. To achieve these goals, we are spending heavily on both equipment and the training of our people.

Finally, we are 100% owned by our Coca-Cola bottling partners which provides us with the security of the #1 brand in the world. I invite you to take a look at Western Container and talk to us about joining the best Team in the Packaging Industry.

Brandon Smith, President and CEO

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Western Container offers a huge range of benefits to its employees...

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Production Technician

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the company for 11 years. The team and family oriented environment the company offers truly makes all the difference. My family and I always enjoy the company sponsored water park and zoo trips!

Over the years, I’ve been afforded numerous opportunities to advance within the company – I’m constantly climbing. Western Container also offers an outstanding benefits package consisting of company matching retirement benefits and various health care plans to choose from to meet the specific needs of your family. Combined with an honorable open door policy, these are just a few of the reasons I’m sincerely proud to call Western Container Corporation my second home.

Photo of Anthony


Maintenance Technician

WCC offers me the opportunity to continue to grow in my skill sets – my career growth is full of possibilities. My team is my family, we work hard and play hard; I would not have it any other way. My voice and opinion matter, thinking outside the box is encouraged!

Photo of Kevin


Maintenance Manager

WCC provides the training, benefits and resources of any big enterprise but has the atmosphere of a small business. We tackle difficult projects, solve real life problems and learn valuable information along the way, while all the members still treat each other like family and are truly passionate about the company mission to successfully serve our customers. It feels like at Western Container everyone gets to go to work every day and build positive relationships and feel valued, for this reason I am happy to call WCC my home!

Photo of Aleks


Production Coordinator

WCC has the best culture and friendly, caring workplace. I enjoy coming to work and experiencing a family environment with supportive teamwork. I feel valued by the organization and have the opportunity to grow with in the company.

Photo of Bianca


Production Technician

Over the last 22 years, WCC has given me the opportunity to learn and develop several skills that have contributed to not only my success but also the company’s. Western has provided a life for me where I have been able to achieve my personal goals, along with providing for my family. I would not be where I am today without a dedicated company to work for like Western Container!